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listen to live music

Do you like to listen to live music or concert? Music is part of our life. Most of people can’t live without listen to their favorite music. Sometime music really understands about you rather than other people. It is right? Actually. when you listen to the music, in the same time you can get some benefits. What are some benefits that you can get when you listen to the music?

Get Your Happiness

For you who are sad or have bad mood in the day, you better try to listen to live music or play your favorite songs from your music player. According to some scientists, listen to the music can increase happiness. It helps people who suffer with their sadness. Music has natural chemical that will be able to influence you. You can try to listen to your favorite music for at least 15 minutes and you can get the result. It is because your brain will release dopamine that lead our brain to feel excitement, joy and also happiness.

Help You to Sleep Well

More than 30% Americans suffer with insomnia and listen to music is chosen as solution to make them easy to sleep. Music is good to make body and mind more relax. You just need to listen to soft music before you go to bed. Why music can help you to feel relax and easy to sleep? Music can influence your hormones that lead your body to feel relax and finally feel sleepy. Music can help you to eat less. You who have a plan to do diet program, can try to listen to the music. It is easy way to help you lose your weight. The combination of music and soft lighting will make you eat less. Choosing right music that is suitable with your character is important so you can get benefits. You who go outside to listen to live music with your friend can also get new friend with same hobby and same music gender too.

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