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How to make video blog? Today most people like to be Vlogger or video blogger. They like to make video and the post to their blog or to YouTube. Do you know that when you create vlog, you can earn money too? Unfortunately, not all people know how to create content or good quality of video blog. You who like to be vlogger better read some steps here before you create your own vlog.

Find Theme and Audience

First step to make video blog is choosing right theme. There are so many themes that you can choose and for all of you who like to attract people’s attention in fast time, you need to choose theme that is viral or up to date. You can choose theme that is related with your hobby such as music, sport, daily life, cooking and some other things. Second thing that you can do is knowing your own audience. It is important to identify your audience so you will know how to speak and dress based on your audience.

Buy Video Production Tools

If you like to create professional video blog, you need to get help from some best video production tools or gear too. You will need cameras, microphones, video recorded, digital cameras and other things. You can read review of video blog production gear or tool to find all things that you need most. For you who like to create video blog, you better write down the script. You need to learn the script so when you make your own video, you don’t need to read the script again. The last thing that you must consider when you prepare to make your own video blog is choosing right area to record your video. You need to have special room to record your video blog and then prepare lighting and background. You can find some people use no background for their vlog and some other use solid colored background to attract people’s attention. After preparation has done, you can start to make video blog now.

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