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It’s always be the best moment when winter came to end for many families. After experienced a long cold month, spring can’t come soon enough. The weather is getting warm and the happiness can be felt in the air. But, there is an unwelcome sign along with the warmth, the presence of flying termites.

Spring is definitely the prime termite season, as they emerge to mate and built new colonies. This part of their life cycle is a problem for our residential properties. Easily, they can “eat” our house without our knowing until the damage has been done. Termites can cause a billion dollar worth of property damage. It is because of their ability to chew through wood, wallpaper, and even floor. Do you wish for experiencing this condition? Of course not! Well, do we have any options to avoid those damages? Yes, we do.

Reduce moisture

Termites need moisture to thrive. Eliminating the moisture in and around our house can prevent them to find a perfect place to stay. Make sure that water doesn’t pool around the foundation and the roof of your house. The leaky plumbing system needs to be repaired. You can divert water away from the house through properly functioning downspouts, gutters and splash blocks.

Home repair

Repair damaged or rotted roof shingles, fascia and soffits to prevent termites from using area of disrepair to access your house. Seal all cracks, crevices, and joints in your exterior wood to prevent their entry. You can use a fresh coat of paint which can seal even the smallest crevices in your wood. The use of a bug screen is recommended as well.

Eliminate their food sources

What do they eat for living? Cellulose. Paper, paperboard, and cardstock could be the reasons. Wood needs to be placed siding each other at least six inches above the ground. Eliminate dead trees, firewood, and any other deadwood, or store it about 20 feet from your house.

Monitor your property regularly

It includes exterior areas of wood, including windows, doorframes and skirting boards for any noticeable changes. The foundation and roof of the house is also on the list. A bubblinf paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped can be used by termites to store their food source.

Call professionals

Pest control Sydney can be the right answer if you live nearby that area. Consider scheduling an annual inspection with them. They can address areas of concern around your home, such as those mentioned earlier to include areas of excess moisture, cracks and crevices, damaged wood, etc. To determine what types of preventative measures will be most effective is one of their capabilities, for examples a direct wood treatment, bait and monitoring, etc.

Termites cannot be controlled with do-it-yourself measures. Their colonies will get worse and just move to another corner inside your house, and finally “eat” your properties. So, you will need to contact licensed pest professional immediately to determine the extent of the problem and receive a recommendation of an appropriate course of treatment. Because once termites have invaded your home, the probability for them to stay still can be a threat for your family.

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