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One of the essential spaces required in every house is toilet. It’s where all the human waste belongs to. But what always comes good and functional have their bad side too, including toilet. Since it’s used frequently by all the family members, there will come a time when it will not able to perform properly. Toilet issues are a slightly common household problem. It seems like every homeowners have an experience in dealing with the toilet issues at least once. Fortunately, for the common toilet problem, you’re able to fix it by yourself and don’t need to call a plumber every time you have the issues, as long as you have decent tools and equipment to complete the task. You can simply look for the DIY guides that are available in many forms on the internet. You can simply choose, which medium is the most suitable to you, whether you want to see the tutorial video, or listen to the DIY guidance, or simply read the tips and tricks on the blog. All of those are easy to access on the web.

So, here are the most common toilet issues that possibly happen in every household.

Most common toilet issues 

  • Clogged toilet. One of the most common issues that home owner can encounter is a clogged toilet, this may happen because of the excessive toilet paper, flushing non flushable items, hard water problems and others.  What you can do is to simply take off the plunger and plunge it until the toilet flushes normally. In case it is still not able to run, you can try to take a wire coat hanger and try to push around the toilet bowl. There’s also a liquid plumber available on the market, if you want it more to be convenient. 
  • Toilet flush is not working. In a mean time, the toilet flush may not be working at all, although you’ve pressed it hard a couple times. Such issue most likely comes from the tank. You need to check the elements within the tank including the chain, the flapper valve and others, in order to make sure that those are tightly fitted and not broken. The toilet handle may become the source of the issues if it is too loose or too tight. 
  • Toilet water does not stop running. If you have experience with a non-stop toilet running water, then there must be an issue inside. It needs an immediate repair, because it certainly wastes water and also money. The problem source could be the fill tank. You can figure it out through the flapper. If that is not sealing or opening the flush valve and the water keeps leaking into bowl, that can cause the toilet to keep running the water to fill the tank constantly. In this case, you might need to replace the flapper. 

Those are the common problems that can haunt you as a homeowner. You can fix it with your DIY project. But still you need to be careful and pay attention to major and minor details, or else you’re going to put yourself in trouble and plumbing problem can turn into a nightmare for you. If some of the issues cannot be resolved with this information, there’s probably a complex issue with your toilet and you may need a plumber to fix it. There’s many cheap plumber available who is ready to help you figuring out the problem. They’re professionals who are well equipped with complete gears and able to analyze your problem efficiently. This will save your time from dealing with those issues.

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