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When you have only a small space for the bathroom area, then installing a shower has always been a good and excellent solution for it. This is ideal to maximize the space potential of the corner side. One of the additional stuff to put when you have a shower is a shower curtain. The main purpose of the curtains is to keep water off the bathroom floor, or for some people it instills a sense of privacy. However, the recent bathroom trends have brought us far away from the traditional shower design. You probably have seen that shower door in today’s era are looking more minimalist. The designers are now proposing the sleek frameless shower doors. It is not only handy and stylish, but the clear glass screens make the room look larger, and may give a feeling of spaciousness to the homeowners. There are different varieties of glass shower screen that are available in the market including the sliding doors, the hinged doors, and the screen/splash guards. Although it will give the vibes of trendier and stylist bathroom, you need to know the pros and cons of shower screen before installing it in your bathroom. 

Exclusive space. If your bathroom has a sloped ceiling, you would probably need an addition custom glass enclosure. It means you need to prepare additional cost because it will require you to have some infrastructure change in order to install the shower screen. 

Edgings. For sliding glass doors, there’s many additional small gears require for the doors tracking so then the doors could follow when they slide. The tracks are more challenging because water has attempted to gather and sit in the channels. 

Accessibility. The installation depends on the bathroom space. If it’s too compact, the option of the glass door is preferably more limited because the compact space can’t let the doors to fully open. 

Toiletries should be placed in orderly. As the glass screen will captivate all the toiletries inside your shower, therefore you need to clean and organize it frequently as you probably don’t want to see it disorderly and dirty. 

Costly. A major issue of frameless glass is expensive. Although heavier and thicker glass are available in the market, but most of homeowners will do a special custom to accustom with their bathroom look. It means that they have to pay additional labor to craft and install them. 

It’s really good if you can invest in a manufacturer-provided glass treatment, your glass should already be resistant to water stains and able to cover if the shower has the water leak issues coming back in the future, it won’t seep into the bathroom floor. While there are a stacks of variations of shower screen in the market, please choose it wisely and consult with your contractor first. In conclusion, regardless how beauty and trendy the shower screen can give a complementary to your bathroom’s style; there are still things that you have to pay attention with if you don’t want to regret it. The price that cost you should worth your satisfaction. 

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