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Which best game to buy? Playing game is fun thing to do since you can feel relax and you can challenge yourself whether you can play better and become a winner or not. Today there are so many games that offered to you. You need to download and then you can play anytime you want. Unfortunately some people get bad game after they buy it. You need to avoid buying wrong game because it will make you lose your money and get nothing. Now, you better consider some things here before you buy your game.

Read Game Review

Before you choose game to buy, you need to read review about the game. Actually, review is subjective. You can read opinion of single person who already played the game. By reading review, you can find some information whether the game is really good to buy and to play or not. Your task is finding reviewer that has same taste of game with you. You really will enjoy the game when you can find right game that is suitable with your taste.

See the Gameplay Videos

Before you buy game that you like, it is good for you to watch or see the gameplay video first. Some people recommend you to watch the trailer but it will not give you real description of the real game because trailer is made to promote the game. So, you will get from the trailer is only the good thing of the game. It is different when you watch the gameplay video, you will be able to get full taste of the game. Where to find gameplay video? You can get gameplay video from YouTube. Actually, YouTube really helps us to find everything related with game that we want to play and buy. When you like to find top rank game, you will be easy to find gameplay video on YouTube. Try to do two tips above before choosing game to buy.

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